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I’m not sure of the show they were interviewed by, but to be aired by TVB will certainly get them more recognition :). Ahh, for once I can actually understand perfectly what the interviewer says ^^.

Hehe, “Dai gar hou, wo dei hai Super Junior M~~” XD Their Cantorin is love ♥♥. And gosh, Donghae speaks all in Mandarin now *____*. I admire his efforts to communicate in Mandarin.

I loled hard at Siwon calling the interviewer a ‘leng lui’ (pretty lady) after she called them ‘leng jai’ (pretty boys ^^) AND THEN CLAPPING AS IF HE WERE SO PROUD OF HIMSELF XDDDD. They (or more like Siwon) make fun of Zhou Mi’s Korean and the way he says “have you eaten yet” with a ‘tone voice’ and Henry speaks Cantonese lololol!!! His accent is kind of like a typical ABC speaking Cantonese ♥♥. He’s asked what type of girls he prefers and he says HK girls :). The interviewer then says that HK girls are really fierce (in the video, it was translated to be mean, but I think fierce is a better word), and he just kind of lets it slide and continues with his explanation xD. Donghae answers the question next (all in Mandarin *___*), and demonstrates the type of skin colour he likes by using Henry’s hand. Henry then points to himself as if he’s Hae’s ideal girl (HENHAE ♥♥♥♥♥). Of course, Hangeng proceeds to make fun of Donghae by saying his ideal type is like a rabbit and Hae shoves him away ^^;;.

Ahh, if only Kyu and Wookie talked in this interview (or maybe they were cut out? WHY PD, WHY?). But it was an entertaining interview anyway. SJM, 加油啊 ♥!


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They sound so lovely ♥♥. And they sang it LIVE. That makes it 100000++ times better xD.

Although I still prefer their original Korean version over this one, I still enjoyed this performance. Unfortunately, Siwon injured his ankle and couldn’t perform with them. Which makes it all the more reason for them to perform this song again :D. I’m a tad Ryeowook biased, but really, doesn’t his voice sound perfect? ♥♥♥ Especially so at 3:02 when he nails the high notes. Such a difference to his normal lower voice which you hear when he says thank you at the very end.

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I don’t know if people find this overly obsessive or what, but to me, yes. Not to the point of freaking out, but definitely a bit too much love for the girls.

WG fan's room

I guess to me, posters are alright, but layering the floor with ones idol is going a bit too far. Or this could have been because the fan wanted to take a photo of all the posters he/she has of WG and arranged the posters like that. But to have a poster right at the head of a bed…a little too obsessed maybe?

WG fan's room 2 WG fan's room 3

I’m kind of scared for the parents of this fan. Not so much because he/she is a stalker of WG, but more so for the amount of time (and money) this person has spent on his/her idol. And here I was, thinking I spend far too much time on my Kpop addiction. I guess I’m the ‘tamer’ fans out there who doesn’t have to buy every single thing DBSK/Super Junior/etc. have released. And I don’t hate on the girls who happen to be unfortunate enough (or is it fortunate?) to have a kiss scene with a pop idol. For a drama.

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Not exactly KBS, just Music Bank really. All due to the fact that DBSK didn’t show up at their end of year festival last year. After all, they did appear on SBS’ gayo festival. On top of DBSK not appearing, Super Junior, BoA and SHINee were also no show on KBS’ festival.

To me, this is just really spiteful and childish. So now it means SNSD won’t be able to perform their new song Gee on KBS’ music show. I wonder if this is actually a good idea from KBS’ behalf. With Gee doing so well and topping music charts. And to bar artists from the SM Entertainment…it will mean a loss in view percentages, won’t it? Or maybe it’s me overestimating the power of SME and the number of fans its artists have. But then again, KBS does seem to know what they’re doing; SM artists are only banned from Music Bank. I guess if they were totally banned from appearing altogether, they’ll be in deep trouble with view ratings and what not.

I just found this funny, that’s all. Maybe they’re confident enough with Boys Over Flowers to draw in the ratings. Idek what I’m going on about.

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