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So apparently he’s going to appear in the Korean New Year special. I really look forward to see how he’s going to ‘survive’ on the show, lol. It’s just that the way he looks doesn’t seem to fit Family Outing’s concept.

Daniel HenneyFamily Outing

I’ve really begun to like him since seeing him on Kim Samsoon. I’m definitely going to be on the look out for the subbed episode for this (ramensoupsubs please survive to sub this XD. Considering FO is aired on SBS, I’m not sure how long they’ll last).

And this reminds me, I’ve still got to watch the episodes with Rain appearing, despite not being that much of a fan of his. Because really, how can I ignore the probability of ‘magic stick’ appearing ^^;?


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One of the best series of 2008, in my opinion ^^. D.I.E (古靈精探) came across as quite a weird name for a series and didn’t really appeal to me, but this all changed as soon as I watched the first episode.


I didn’t have a really high opinion of Sonija Kwok (who plays Madam Ying 刑晶晶), but D.I.E  definitely changed my mind. I enjoyed every bit of the character portrayed by her; I think tomboy characters appeal to me. Roger Kwok plays the role of police officer Yue Sir (于子朗)  with supernatural powers, aiding him in the cases he is following. As well, he has transformed totally from the silly character “Ah Wong” into an over-protective brother of Margie Tsang, who acts as his older sister Yue Chi Ching 于子晴. Besides ‘Madam Ying’ and ‘Yue Sir’ ending up together, the series also includes a ‘side’ couple, where Margie Tsang pairs up with Derek Kwok (Cheung Ching Yee 張正義). I was a bit iffy with this pairing at first, but the more I watched the series, the more this couple grew on me.

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