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This is a cut from Joahseo (Good Daddy). And gosh Heechul’s so excited :D.

He must have a really good relationship with Hongki because seriously, who on earth will know “CD’s House” = Album? XDD And I love his description for “Apple”; somehow Snow White becomes “White Princess” in Heechul’s world ^^. But of course, his obssession love for Wonder Girls is shown once again when he mimics their ‘Nobody’ dance movement for “body”. Ahhh Heechul never fails to crack me up. And to think he’s an English major xD.


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A Journey Called Life

This series was one of my favourites of 2008 ^__^. A Journey Called Life (金石良缘) can be found on mysoju complete with English subtitles. For once, I really agree with the English title of the series. Although it doesn’t match the Chinese title, it really summarises the series on the whole.

The casts for this series includes Linda Chung, who really shows how much her acting has improved since Virtues of Harmony II. I really enjoyed her character here; Linda’s ability to transform her character from being a rebellious person with not a care for her actions to finally accepting her father and his past actions really impressed me. Steven Ma is the male lead, and the main force behind the transformation of 施嘉嘉 Sze Ka Ka (Linda Chung). Of course, I cannot forget to mention Kent Cheng, who played 金石 Kam Sek and mentor of 成日安 Shing Yat On (Steven Ma). Fala Chan plays the younger sister of Steven, a girl with her head in the clouds dreaming to marry a rich man. Vicky, 成美心 (Fala Chan) cares a lot for her outward appearance and spends her money buying brand name clothes and bags. I won’t go into much detail about her mostly because I didn’t really like her character since it’ll spoil the series. For a full list of the rest of the cast, click here. I wouldn’t recommend scrolling up and reading the synopsis, unless you want to read spoilers.

Besides having a fabulous plot, the series also included Steven + Linda coupling, which I’ve liked since VoH II. They have really good chemistry and I’d love to see them collaborate in another series in the future ♥. I really love the plot line of the series – showing hardships of being shunned by a step-family, as well the result of living a life of drug and alcohol. I’d give a rating of 9/10, since there were some quite cliched moments included. Of course, it’s hard to watch a good series without any cliched scenes anymore, so I guess nine is very reasonable.

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