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DBSK’s Mirotic – Chinese Version

I seriously loled hard when I listened to this version. Especially at the rap part. BECAUSE THEY SUNG IN ENGRISH!!!! Omgsh, this song is love. It’s funny since I actually don’t like their Japanese version; the rap part in particular just made me cringe. But I’m definitely going to get my hands on this version XDDDD.

The rap lyrics are actually a bit off, if you listen to it carefully. When I first saw it, I was like O______________O;; I thought Yoochun would at least correct the English? But then I listened again, and it’s not too bad ^^”.

The following translation is taken from JaeLove12.

那雾 那烟 那迷 那幻 那光 那灯 好诱惑
That mist, that smoke, that charm, that illusion, that light; so tempting
That mist, that smoke, that mystery, that fantasy, that light. Theyre so seductive.

You approach me, turning, embrace me with determination
You’re nearing me, twirling, hugging me with your determination.

傻傻在等待会失败 woowoo~~
Waiting like a fool will only fail you, oh~
Waiting like a fool, will make you lose. wo wo~

那近 那远 那日 那夜 那长 那短的噩梦
A nightmare so close yet far, by day and by night, so short yet so long
That near, that far, that day, that night, that long, that short nightmare

都不要来纠缠我 现在我是主人翁
Mess with me no longer, for I am master
Please leave me alone. Im in the lead now.

这里都是爱 让你爱 wowo~~
All this is love; let you love, oh~
Theres love everywhere here, for you to love. Wo wo~

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