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I watched this mv purely because I wanted to see what all the fuss about SNSD was.

The mv is…not what I expected. I liked the beginning where the girls were all mannequins, but that’s about it. Oh, and the fact that Minho appeared in the mv is a bonus of course ^^. I swear he looks more mature than his age; is it 16?  17? Anyway, back to the mv. It’s just too repetitive for my taste, I think. The whole repeating of almost every single word just really annoyed me. And the heels they were wearing o___o. How do they dance in them? But it may be just me overreacting

I like the way they used the blackboard throughout the mv and also at the end though. I don’t know why, it really caught my attention. I’m a little weird, I know. I just don’t get the story of the mv. Why are they mannequins coming to life and dancing around in a store only to leave a note saying Minho is the “Employee of the Month”?

I’m neither a fan of them nor hate them, so this is all from a very neutral perspective. I guess their style of music isn’t really my cup of tea =/.


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DBSK at 2008 NHK Kouhaku

I’m not sure if this video will be on youtube for long; NHK is claiming copyrights and this is the only one I found still on youtube.

Or watch it HERE.

I absolutely love ‘Why did I fall in love with you’, which drove me to search for some of the lives they’ve performed. And this one didn’t fail to disappoint me. Despite performing ‘Purple Line’ before it, they sounded great. More than great. Fantastic. How on earth do they hit the high notes in their songs so well? And their harmonisation ♥♥♥♥♥. I love their white suits although I think they can lose the feathers lol. And did Jaejoong do something to his hair? It looks like he cut it and dyed it golden brown. I do prefer his previous colour; it matched him better :).

And this is really random, but at 2:30, you can see just how much taller Changmin is compared to the others, especially Junsu ^^.

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So I’m bored. Which is why I took an IQ test to find just exactly how intelligent I am. I know that IQ tests on the internet aren’t really to be trusted, but hey, anything to boost my ego a bit xD. The IQ test was taken HERE. I actually took this test awhile back, but since I have nothing better to do now, I decided to ‘google’ the average ‘IQ’ and came across some fascinating sites.

According to this site, my IQ falls in the very superior range and that I’m smarter than 99% of people out there. Which leaves me to wonder why I didn’t do so well in the HSC. Maybe it had something to do with my laziness, or maybe it’s just that IQ is, at best, a rough measure of academic intelligence. It certainly would be unscientific to say that an individual with an IQ of 110 is of high average intelligence, while an individual with an IQ of 109 is of only average intelligence. And yes, I did take that from the website I linked to. Because despite my ‘high’ IQ, I can’t seem to put the above ‘extract’ into any better words. Or maybe it’s due to my laziness, once again.

Another site revealed jobs which will match my intelligence, or rather, my IQ score. Apparently, my employment options include “leading math, physics professor”. Which I most certainly won’t become. More like a teacher..? And is, according to the first site, more suited for an IQ of 120-ish. But gah, who cares. I don’t even know what I want to do anyway.

And just for the record, my IQ is 139. Is that anything to be proud of? I know the average IQ is 100, but with kids nowadays, it seems the average is going to be shooting upwards.

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