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From someone who’s not a big follower of Wonder Girls of Big Bang, I actually REALLY enjoyed the performance ^____^.

After watching this, I’m really tempted to start listening to Big Bang’s songs. I do like ‘Last Farewell’, but overall, I didn’t think their music style was really my taste. However I do think I’ll give their songs another go, especially ‘Lies’; it sounds awesome ♥♥.

I can really see why fans like the ‘WonderBang’ coupling; they look really good together. The highlight of course is Big Bang’s ‘So Hot’ and the Wonder Girls’ ‘Last Farewell’ performance. Can’t say I loved the different version of ‘So Hot’, but it did suit Big Bang ^^. And ‘Last Farewell’ was fantastic; of course my bias towards this song has nothing to do with it xDD. If I had anything to complain about, then it’s got to be T.O.P and Sunmi’s performance. It could have been a little longer, perhaps..? ^^” It was just a tad shorter compared to the rest.

Overall though, a lovely performance by the two groups. I look forward to see more combined stages for the two of them. Although what with the Wonder Girls working in the US this year, I don’t think it’s going to happen for awhile.

And just when I began to like their combined stage performances…


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