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Wow *_________*. They definitely impressed me with their dancing. Taemin looked so different in this performance compared to the Wonder Boys one. Much more grown up looking XD. I like his hat quite a lot ♥♥. And when he threw his jacket off…♥____♥. I’m not familiar with Seungri, so I don’t really know how to comment on his dance. But compared to the others, it did seem a bit simple =/. Not that it wasn’t good, I still liked it. It was just different to the others; the dance seemed more focused on arm movements. But I’m no dance pro so I don’t really know what I’m talking about xD. I really like his bow at the end, for some reason it really appealed to me ^^”.

And OMGSHHHHH EUNHYUK ♥♥♥♥. I may be biased, but I LOVE HIS DANCE. It was just so…Eunhyuk-like lol. And the whole silver suit and mask costume *________*. I lol’ed hard when I saw the mask. And the fans’ screaming rose 100000 decibels when he took it off XP. Jaebum…his dance seemed to be leaning more to the ‘sexy’ side? Lol, I don’t know how to describe it. Once again I’m not familiar with him, so I don’t know if this is how he normally dances. The whole sex appeal thing was really apparent to me, especially with the pelvic thrust at 2:29 and the lifting of his shirt. But he still did put on a good show ^__^. I like how he ended with lying on the floor, it really matched the music.

But the ‘star’ of the battle is Yunho of course :D, with this being his last stage in Korea for a while. I like his hat too XDD. I’m not sure if the hat was supposed to fall off, but it landed perfectly out of way anyway. He obviously put the most amount of effort into the dance, it looked much more complicated compared to the rest. The black clothes he was dressed in contrasted with his white shoes *___*; it really accented his foot movements. And the SMUG look he had at 3:18; he knows he’s good XDD.


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DBSK wished Casseopians farewell last night during SBS’s Gaeyo Daejun. And being DBSK, they wouldn’t leave Korea without imprinting a fantastic final performance into everyone’s mind ^___^.

This has got to be the best ‘Wrong Number’ and ‘Mirotic’ performance ever~♥♥♥♥ I love love love the way each member entered the stage for ‘Wrong Number’; they even changed the ringtone for the beginning LOL~~XD. Junsu’s entrance has got to be the best one; I watched his piano battle with Taeyang just before this one and my gosh, his facial expression totally changed. Their white pants look a tad tight though, especially when they had to spread their legs further apart for some of their dance moves XDD. And OMGsh, Changmin and Yoochun’s bow ties *__________*. I think it’s quite clear that I have this thing for bow ties lol. I LOVE Yunho’s gloves as well XDDD. It looks especially awesome in his ‘Mirotic’ rap part. They even incorporated violins~!!~ Gosh, I’m so in love with this performance. Oooh, and Changmin’s scream ♥_____♥. It never ceases to amaze me how he nails it at live performances.

Ahhh, what a way to finish their ‘Mirotic’ album promotions ♥♥♥. And ending it with the original ‘Mirotic’ lyrics too ^______^. I read somewhere that they were only allowed to perform that version since it was after 10pm LOLOL!!!

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