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I absolutely enjoyed their first performance, and their second one is no exception.

Omgshhh, Sungmin~! He seemed rather engrossed in his performance, which scared me just a little ^^”.

First up is SNSD’s ‘Kissing You’. I’m not really familiar with SNSD, but I love how the camera cut from showing the boys performing to the girls dancing along and enjoying the performance quite a bit XD. Gosh, Taemin looks so cute ♥♥. I don’t like the way Sungmin tied his hair, but I do like his bow tie xDD. Seungri looked kind of out of place; he looks the most ‘manly’ out of them (not that the rest of them don’t ^^”).

And then there was the ‘Nobody’ performance! Once again, Taemin *__*. Really, it’s got to be a crime for him to be on stage; he looks way younger than 16 years. I do like the camera showing Sohee’s reaction towards him singing her part (it is her part, right? I don’t really follow the Wonder Girls either, but I do enjoy some of their songs); all the girls seemed really into the performance :D. One thing though, JoKwon’s eye at 3:42 kind of freaked me out o_o.


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I love how they sang this song at their HK concert. It’s really all thanks to this song that I once again started listening to Chinese music again, which somehow later on led me into the world of Kpop xD.

Too bad the ending is cut off. I love this song so much that I actually ripped the audio from the video, despite the constant screaming and slightly off tune singing. Because really, SJM SANG 童話~!!!!~

Besides that, I’m really glad Zhou Mi received a lot of support at the concert ^___^. After all that he’s been through, he really deserves it. Oooh, and apparently Ryeowook had a lot of fans..? ♥♥♥♥♥ And who wouldn’t love him, with him being so short and cute and most of all, his AMAZING VOICE *_____*.

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