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Right now I’m sitting in front of the computer feeling very dead. Standing around for 6 1/2 hours is not really that good of an idea. Because really, at the end of the day, I’m the one suffering. Besides that, Quentin, Terrence and I went over to Nat’s place for dinner + movie last night. Oh how very interesting, huh? But it actually was. Terrence entertained us throughout dinner with his very lame jokes. Vic & Ed were cracking up over his jokes while I was cracking up over their reactions towards his jokes. Terrence…-____-“. Dinner would have been so much quieter without him. We watched The Pursuit of Happiness, which is such a depressing movie. I don’t mind watching it once, but seeing it twice is just a bit too much. Not that I hate it or anything; it’s got a great storyline, but the fact that it’s so darn sad just puts me off.

And going waaayyyyy off topic, but ADS;LFKJDSLK;FJWEPOIRUJD;LKFJKs *KEYBOARDSMASHING* @#($*&%@~!!!!!!!!!!!! I was just surfing spazzes and OMGshhhhhhhhhhhh I LOVE FAN ACCOUNTS!!!! Oooh, and thanks JOSEPHINE for yours~!~ I love you so much for it XDDDD. Your part about Donghae waving

his waist around in a nasty nasty NASTY way but really started the fans????*shiver shiver*

really cracked me up. As in, so much that my dad asked what was wrong with me O____________O. For another fan account, go HERE and HERE. This one was really good too; I can’t believe anyone would take notes at a concert but anyway…o_o”. JOSEPHINE GO AND READ IT NOW (and eagerly await candychu‘s XP It’s all thanks to her I even knew about this concert)~!!!~

I am DYING. From jealousy. From laughter. From spazzing.

I think it’s going to take awhile for me to recover. Gosh, I want to watch Zhou Mi’s ‘amazing’ Cantonese skills now, but no, Quentin just happened to screw up our internet (because I really had nothing to do with it >___>)~~


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